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We’ve put a lot of love, time and effort into writing this guide and hope it helps you optimize your skin and inner health. RHRS contains almost everything we'd like to tell our patients about the fundamentals of health, given time and opportunity. it's full of treatments, lists and options that we've developed over our 30 something years of research, teaching and clinical practice.

RHRS will help you:
Optimise the health and beauty of your skin

* From the outside, with the best, safest, inexpensive natural skincareAnd from the inside out, by improving your general wellbeing

Discover health secrets gathered over 30 years of clinical experience

* Why skin type and condition really matters
* How you can optimise already healthy skin
* A Quick-fix program to look and feel fabulous for that big event
* 3 proven Rejuvenation programs that get to the root cause of general health and the following skin problems
over dry over oily sensitive allergic pigmented
acne pimples rosacea ruddy broken capillaries
sun damage psoriasis eczema wrinkles premature ageing


What readers say:

This is the best skin book I’ve ever read. It’s clear, practical and they obviously know what they’re talking about. RM, Sydney

This is the most amazing book. Written with such generosity of spirit that every page reveals the magnificent way our bodies work and how we can look after them properly. RD, Sydney

I really like this book. It’s not trying to sell me just another skincare range. They recommend vitamins, herbs and oils that are healthy and I can buy in local shops or on the web. SN, London

I'm into my 50s and love this book. I've passed it along to family and friends and we've had similar positive results. Highly recommended. AB, Oslo

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